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Le Grand Veggie, Review

Trust me, never thought in my life I would review McDonald’s, but hey, never say never right? Why would I review McDonald’s? We all know it. But as a vegetarian going to junk food places is quite hard and you don’t usually have a lot of meatless options. McDonald’s in France introduced the first ever vegetarian burger, maybe where you live it’s been there for a long time, but in France, it’s a first. The burger is tested for six weeks (and I hope it will stay), ’cause it’s soooo damn good!Let me give you a rundown of what is inside the burger:

In the patty you have, carrots, cereals, Emmental cheese and breaded salsify. Simple right? Sooo delish.
The buns are sprinkled with squash, sesame and poppy seed.
Between the buns and patty you have, tomatoes, salad and some pesto Rosso.
It may be quite simple, and you could probably do it at home, BUT I haven’t had a good burger in a long time. AND I’m not saying it’s healthy, it’s way too far from healthy, can you guess how many calories are in the burger? Well, it’s way more than the Big Mac (563 calories), and it’s already a lot! Well, Le Grand Veggie has 763 calories, sayyyy what?! Yep, it is a lot. After this burger and my friend and I, all we wanted to do is go for round number 2, just because it was delish and we couldn’t believe we would enjoy this burger this much. It didn’t have this “I just throw everything inside the box” feeling. The salad was fresh and tasty, we could taste the pesto Rosso -and it was yum- the patty seemed light and delicious, but even with this we didn’t feel like we just ate 20 burgers and had that regret of overeating. For the first time ever I cannot wait to go back and have it again, I actually see myself going to every week or so just to have it and see how it lasts.Would you ever try it? Let me know I’m curious. I may try to recreate it at home, would be a fun thing to try! Because I can see myself eating this a lot and I mean A LOT.

Side note, I already got all the ingredients to make this burger at home. You know I’m just getting ready in case of an emergency -just kidding- it’s just if, after the six weeks, McDonald’s decided to discontinue the only vegetarian burger, I honestly it would be unfortunate, and I think they would lose a lot of potential vegetarian customers. AND my recipe would be, I hope, less caloric.PS: I posted the picture on instagram earlier this week and let’s say some people were unhappy, I just wanted to clarify and I checked on McDonald’s website, the chips are not cook in animal fat (at least in France).

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    Ryan Biddulph
    20th October 2017 at 8:31 PM


    Wow. Looks delightful.

    We had a veggie burger in Colombo, Sri Lanka at a McD’s once with all the vegetarians there, and may have enjoyed a veggie burger in India too with the tons of Buddhists. Loved both burgers. It is nice to see more veggie options out there. I do eat meat once in a blue moon here in the US but in places like Thailand and India I am veggie almost 100% of the time and my wife has been a vegetarian for 11 years.

    Thanks for sharing.


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