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Oi! Oi! Everyone!

Today’s going to be a little bit different because it’s not gonna be recipes (it is kind of like a recipe…but you’ll see!). We all know summer time’s coming (YAY!!) and 2-3 days ago, I thought to myself (am not crazy! I swear!), why not spicy my breakfast a little bit and put more fruits and yummy goodness in it. So, that’s when the idea of sharing some simple and quick breakfast ideas came to me! Never been too much of a breakfast guy but I started enjoying it and having breakfast not that long ago (maybe ‘round 2 years ago). I have been trying to find the best breakfast for myself, something that I could really enjoy during morning time (!!). Believe me, I tried lots and lots of things from salty to sugary brekky. I’m not too keen for cereal, I like it simple. That’s why I choose fruits and easy to find ingredients.

Ahhhh, porridge!

It’s a love-hate relationship between us, (am I the only one?!) can’t eat it plain (just can’t do it!, please don’t make me do it!!), I need a little more “stuff” in it and let’s be honest it’s not really pleasing to look at in the morning. So I add a tiny teaspoon of stevia (fewer calories than sugar) and of course (as expected!) FRUITS (num num num!!), I add fruits! It can be any fruit really but it is better if it’s fruits that you like or would eat, not something you can’t stand and after 2 spoons you find it rubbish and wouldn’t have it ever again. For example, I had bananas, raspberries and apples so that’s what I had with porridge. Oh boy! I forgot! (Silly me!) in the porridge I put almond milk, I find the taste of almond better than just regular milk or just adding water is fine. But you don’t need to put almond milk, you can put whatever you like or nothing at all! Just maybe water ‘cause I don’t know if dry porridge is any good! (Anyone tried?!).

Yum, Greek yoghurt!

My absolute favourite, GREEK YOGURT!! (Okay, I may be a bit cray-cray!). I could have greek yoghurt every day all day! In a bowl, I add as much as I want of greek yoghurt a little bit of maple syrup (yum!) and fruits! It is that simple and super quick. It’s made, eaten and clean in 10 minutes! Even in a hurry, you can have a healthy and yummy delicious breakfast. I prefer to add maple syrup instead of sugar since it’s a “healthier” option for sweetener (more natural). Maple syrup is still high in sugar but it also contains nutrients, antioxidant, vitamins and minerals so with moderation it can have some benefits.

Simply biscuits and tea?

I also love when I don’t want any fruits and yoghurt to just simply have biscuits and tea (LOVE IT!), just to have something in my stomach to go through the morning without starving (!!!). It is maybe the least healthier option in here for you know what, sometimes you don’t need to be 100% healthy all the time! Little junk from time to time doesn’t hurt! (It feels good! And I love it! Ha!). My personal fave are digestive! I need them in the cupboard at all time (!!).

Fruits…Smoothie!A nice smoothie’s always nice when you have time to make it (!!), especially over the weekend. I made this mango smoothie and it literally took me 10 minutes from beginning to finish, super hyper easy to make (yeah, extra easy!). It is something a little bit different and yummy for breakfast and a nice way to have fruit. There are plenty of ways to make a smoothie and I found this one over on the inter-web. To make it you need 1 mango (duh!!), 1/2 a cup of plain yoghurt, 1/2 a cup of milk (I used almond milk!), 1/2 a cup of ice and 1tbsp of honey. 1/2 a cup is around 170 g (FYI!). Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth! TADAH! You have a really nice smoothie for breakfast!

Okay, I think I talked enough here (LOL) Let me know what is your favourite breakfast and I’ll try them! 🙂
Enjoy breakfast!
The veggies adventure signing off!


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